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Electronic Display of Veda in the Human Physiology Vedic Model

With Maharishi’s inspiration an electronic display of Maharaja’s discovery of Veda in the Human Physiology has been developed by the Maharishi College of Perfect Health.

This technically sophisticated and well designed display, also called "Model of Vedic Physiology", explains Maharaja’s discovery with the help of a human figure and blinking lights indicating where the Vedic sounds express themselves in the human physiology.

The presentation is supported by an easy to understand commentary of about 35 minutes, which describes how the 10 Mandalas of Rik Ved express themselves in the human body.

After each Mandala a short Vedic recitation of that particular Mandala is heard while the blinking lights continue to indicate the counterpart in the figure.

This combination of understanding, hearing, seeing, and experiencing links the intellectual understanding of Maharaja’s discovery with the direct experience of Veda in the Human Physiology and allows the viewer to realize how these sounds enliven the body’s inner intelligence.

This leads to the complete absorption of a key aspect in Maharishi’s teaching: Natural Law is the source and basis of our existence and can be used to enliven the body’s inner intelligence. The display is now available to be enjoyed in all our Peace Palaces, Towers of Invincibility, Maharishi Spas, MAV Health Centres, Invincibility Centres, and also in every private home.

Dr. Rainer Picha, who developed the display together with Maharishi, talks about its history and application.

Application of the Display

For professional users of the Model a DVD with a lecture of about one hour from the first lesson of the "Creating a Perfect Man" Course by Maharishi is included, which gives some basic understanding of Maharaja’s discovery of Veda and Vedic Literature expressed in the Human Physiology. Together with the built-in audio presentation of the display you can set up a very nice programme of about 90 minutes. Only teachers of the TM technique can acquire the display under the professional licence.

There should be a charge when giving presentations with this display in public (Movement facilities like TM Centres are considered as public). The Maharishi College of Perfect Health recommends a fee between 10 and 20 Euros/Dollars from each viewer.

The display can also be acquired for private use only, even by persons not yet practicing the TM technique. Enjoy the benefits of watching the display with your family members and friends at your private home whenever you like.

The Individual is Cosmic

Dr. Alarik and Cynthia Arenander have structured a wonderful 6-lesson course with the title "The Individual is Cosmic", in which they explain in great detail the theoretical background, the principles and the application of the Vedic Model. They also give a profound understanding why many viewers of the model experience significant improvements of health concerns.

Technical Information

The default audio track is in English and is played directly from a small USB stick, which is inserted into the display. To switch to another language, you only need to exchange the stick for one which contains the commentary in your language. Currently following language versions are available:



The display is equipped with an universal power adapter (110/220V) and an audio output for regular computer loud speakers (speakers are not included).

Dimensions (w-h-d): 104 x 124 x 5 cm     Weight: 20.5 kg

Ordering Information

Edition 1 and 2 are sold out. The third edition of the model with further technical improvements is available since beginning of March 2019 at MERU in Vlodrop, The Netherlands.

Price (excl. VAT):   1,950.- Euro plus shipping

Please order by sending an email to

Each buyer of a model of the 3rd edition will receive a free treatment of Vedic Sound via the website (details will be given when ordering a model).


Unless malfunction or other defects are due to incorrect use, the Maharishi College of Perfect Health warrants repair or exchange of the display for up to one year after delivery.

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